MR Weekly Challenge #16: The Importance of letting it go.

The Year 2020 Reflections

Good morning MentorshipRevolution Community!

We are growing numerically in a very significant, meaningful, and powerful way.

God has blessed MR, me as the founder, and I pray he blesses you as one who supports and is connected in some way (large or small) with this organization.

2020 has been an oh so great year for MR!

I know with a global pandemic raging this sounds absurd, but I promise you that it really makes sense why.

We all could have never predicted that 2020 would be this way, but I founded MR 2 years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Seriously. It feels good to use your energy, gifts, talents, and calling in such a way as I do through MentorshipRevolution.

Challenges are back! MR Weekly Challenge #16

There I said it folks, we are back with the weekly edifying challenges! Now, this week I am challenging us to let go of what we can’t control. You all, I have had no choice but to do this in my own life. It isn’t wrong to let go once you find holding on sets you back way too far. We need to let go of what we can’t control or manipulate for our very longevity, health, happiness, and creative energy.

In what ways 2020 will you begin letting go

Letting go sometimes feel like we are cowering out or backing down. It can all depend on the scenario and situation, but the truth is we will never be the best version of ourselves until we learn the art of letting go when it is time to let go. I am talking about letting go of dead/unhealthy relationships and people, past memories that are very painful, the hurtful words people have thrown at us, and even environments that hold us back from being free the right way. Only you can decide what you need to let go of in this season. That is why I challenge and ask you today: “In what ways this year are you learning to let go?”

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