What can block prosperity?

Ask yourself this in 2020

Affirmation Series 14: Unleashed Prosperity

What can block prosperity might be a somewhat healthy question to ask for some of us?

In 2020 we have all experienced unprecedented events and having to quickly adapt to current enforcements.

If 2020 doesn’t end the way you expected it to, or the way you wanted it to please don’t accept this.

Remember, prosperity is about being in alignment body, mind, and spirit.

As well, prosperity attests to joy, richness, humility, blessings, and abundance.

So, ask yourself what could be blocking my prosperity?

The Purpose of Asking

In return when we ask questions we can get answers, solutions, and solve problems.

Answers can be uncomfortable or unnerving at first, but we get to take what we need from what we learn.

That is the goal in this case; you are trying to experience unleashed prosperity in your life.


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