Live Q&A going down tomorrow on The MR Podcast🙌🏾 (afternoon time)

Live Q&A Friday Noon Time

Tomorrow the live Q&A is going down noontime on The MR Podcast!

You wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

I AM Answering 10 Questions

We have ten questions I am answering as the founder of MentorshipRevolution and the host of The MR Podcast.

These ten questions will revolve around women in business, investing in yourself and the vision you have for your business, as well I will be talking about other related stuff that all innovators and creators don’t want to miss being apart of.

Come on, I am inviting you to join me and the others noon time Friday! Bring your lunch if you have to.

There is still time to submit your questions!

Leave any questions you want me to answer, or email us at

The Live Will be on Spreaker, so Follow Now!

The live will be taking place on the Spreaker platform and here is the link:

Make sure you follow and tune in tomorrow.


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