Live Q&A (Going down on The MR Podcast this week)

Get Ready

Get ready for The MR Podcast first ever live Q&A!

I will be answering 10 questions about us as an organization, business, and community.

I will be answering 10 questions about MentorshipRevolution.

I am very excited to finally bring you all a live show, and I hope that this is what you want.

Stay tuned for what day this week we are going live because as of now that is still undecided.

You will be informed a day in advance for sure!

Submit any questions you have about us and let us know what you want to know.

I have been doing this for two years!

You all know I love when you chime in and interact.

I am still working on building our community interaction aspect, but I feel we have come so far since we started in 2018.

Questions that you can ask may be what challenges have I faced as an African American woman who has started her own business and organization?

How do I remain motivated and excited about MentorshipRevolution going forward?

I may even tell you all how I feel about the lack of support I receive at times, and how I use that to my advantage (beating all the odds).

Share the news!

Share the news that this week we are doing a live Q&A.

This is monumental, and has never been done.

I will hopefully see you there, and stay updated for more news on what will be going down.


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