Mind, Body, & Soul Challenge (Week 2, Day 8)

We are in week 2!

The Mind, Body, and Soul Challenge is in full go mode.

I hope that you have joined us in this community as we embark on this journey.

It occurred to me today as I was thinking like us human thinks: Life is a Journey, and not a Destination.

Not sure about you, but sometimes I get too fixated on the final destination.

In the end that may lead you to begin overthinking, worrying, stressing, fearing, and it causes anxiety.

Set Goals, but sit back as well

I am going to always set my goals! Life without goals can feel kind of strange for driven minded individuals.

But, I am twenty now and I have hopefully 60+ years left ahead of me.

I have to sit back as well, and trust that God will work things out once I have acted in faith.

For today, I ask you check in #1, but as well set those goals and once they are set you can sit back and reap the benefits.


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