Store Requests: Send them in!

MR Community Store


Yesterday I announced for the very first time that I am looking forward to opening our first online store for MentorshipRevolution in 2020.

In hindsight, I announced this great news in the month of MentorshipRevolution second anniversary!

God has blessed us beyond my imagination, and I am convinced he will continue to bless the direction this business, organization, and community goes in.


I received one product request yesterday ( via Facebook).

Please join us on Facebook, because if you aren’t there you are missing a lot of great stuff and opportunities.

I asked you all to leave a comment suggesting what you would like to see in the store, as well leave your name if you are a interested supporter and buyer.

I am still accepting item requests, and leave your name as well if you know for sure you are interested in shopping on our online store!

I repeat: Don’t buy any of the products currently located in the store. Leave the product you want to buy and your name with us instead!

Thank you for everyone that have sent in names and requests so far, we appreciate you and stand very grateful for your presence within our platform.


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