MR’s New Community Store (Very important news)

Manifesting Community Store

I spoke it into existence, and I believe it is so close we can touch it.

I am starting MR Community Store, and I hope you will either support the fundraiser we have running or join the list to be the first to grab some very affordable supplies, equipment, and accessories.

The first item we have up now for you guys to purchase is the notebook planner with a pen holder and magnetic snap!

Store Opening

Join the list so you can be one of the first people to buy from MentorshipRevolution Community Store!

I advise you to not order the notebook or any other products I have added to the store on the website.

Instead, join the list and inform us what product you are interested in that is available on the online store.

Then, we will be able to keep you informed every step of the way, right up until the store opens and I can begin shipping products directly to you.

How to join the list as an interested buyer and supporter

1. Contact us on Facebook

2. Email us at

3. Respond to this post and I will get right back.

Again, I love you all that have embraced this platform and I am very excited as the founder moving forward.

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