Affirmation Course 12: Manifest Wealth💵

You are meant to be wealthy

I hope you have come this far to finally realize this!

You are meant to be a wealthy being. In all areas of your life; physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and financially.

That being said, let’s manifest wealth going forward!

In May I am leading a course ( extension of affirmation series) on Manifesting Wealth. I am not playing any games!

If you believe you are meant to be wealthy- invest $5 in yourself and your future to purchase a seat that will grant you full access!

Chapter 2: The Mind is a Rich Landscape: Attracting Abundance

Rich doesn’t pertain to money alone either.

This week we are covering how the mind is a rich landscape, and how with this inner revelation you can begin to attract abundance in the outer and physical world ( spiritually and mentally as well).

It is possible! I have seen it in my personal life, and many other people are living testimonies of this as well.

As the founder and content-maker for this course I want you to walk away from this course feeling assured you can attract abundance, manifest the things you need most, and greater insight of just how powerful God created you to be.

Tune into The MR Podcast May 15, 2020

On May 5, 2020 we will have a guest by the name of Bri Seeley on the podcast.

Bri is a business growth expert, and also the author of the book “Permission to Leap”.

She will be on The MR Podcast, and I can promise you that this will be a must hear episode!

Go ahead and follow/subscribe to The MR Podcast.


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