New Bloggers😀


Welcome to MentorshipRevolution.

I want to help and support all new bloggers.

I was one of those individuals that started my blog on sole interest and desire to be a person that could share who I am and the gifts God gave me.

I didn’t have anyone I could go to (or no one came to me) that knew all the ropes on blogging and how to be a successful blogger.

But, I had already become a student to life so I learned this field very quickly. It was one of the best choices I ever made to become a blogger!

Now, I want to help other aspiring bloggers. Click this link to start your own WordPress blog:

The great thing is I will not leave you alone. Once you decide that you want to become a blogger I will become your mentor or the person you can go to on how to establish a credible blogging platform.

Email if you are interested or ready to start your own blogging career.


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