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Manifest Wealth Course Tools

Here are a list of the tools and applications we will be using this month for the Manifest Wealth Course:

1. Facebook Private Community Group

This particular group is made especially for the Affirmation Series. I will prefer this being the place and platform you use to introduce yourself as a student or participant. Therefore you can socialize with others that will be in the course.

If you haven’t yet joined please send an email to

2. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is this cool app or website that we will be using to organize the course materials and the space where the learning experience for us all will occur. It is very important you can access this by the way. Here is the link to the Manifest Wealth Course:

3. YouTube

I will be recording weekly videos that will be relevant to the topic of Manifesting Wealth. I plan on doing the best I can to create content you guys will benefit from, and I will do my best using the support system and resources I can leverage at this time. This course will be organized into 4 or 5 Chapters, and I may deliver videos each week according to the chapter we are reading, learning, and experimenting within that specific week.

4. The MR Podcast

If you haven’t subscribed to The MR Podcast you will not be able to access the daily episodes I will record and publish for Manifest Wealth. Go subscribe now at this link:

5. Email

I will do my best to deliver weekly emails designated for Manifest Wealth. I am working on building the email delivery system and growing my email list. If you would like to receive weekly emails please leave your email or email us with your email and we can add you to our email list!

6. Expert Guests

I plan on having experts in this field on my platform that teach in this area and give you the best advice, guidance, and insight on the topic of manifest wealth. This will be the surprising and exciting part you must stay on the lookout for throughout the course of May!

7. Zoom

If you will like a free 30 min session with me mentoring you on this subject I am available ok special days to schedule. You must email and we will get that done ASAP! I know that sometimes 1 on 1 works great for some of us. Zoom is a great space to be interactive, face to face, and engage.

This is it you guys! Join MentorshipRevolution Affirmation Course 12: Manifest Wealth today💵


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