#Selfie Challenge: Entry 1

Let the #SelfieChallenge Begin!

April 4, 2020 I, the founder of MentorshipRevolution, host of The MR Podcast, and author of Poetry For Girls That Struggle started the #Selfie Challenge!

I have already posted my cool selfie, which you can still see on the website. On our main website and Facebook I asked you as a supporter and member of this community to submit your own cool selfie.

I am posting you all selfies

For all of you brave enough to take up the #SelfieChallenge right now, I will be posting them on MR’s website and Facebook profile. In other words I am featuring your selfie on my worldwide platform with thousands of views and visitors!

Submit yours now!

Entry #1

The first #selfie challenge MR has received is from our MR Community Member and Facebook friend/follower Sir Justice Lsg ļæ¼Modisane.

Social medias:

Twitter: @LsgModisane

Instagram: justicemodisane_va

Where he is from: MR Community Member Justice Modisane is from Bothaville, South Africa.

Interestingly, he is also is a hustler, entrepreneur, and mentee!

Thank you Justice for being the first to ace the #selfiechallengeā¤ļø



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