Morning Message🔥

Good Morning Folks,

Good Morning!

You may have not noticed that we are already at least 1/4 into 2020. There is 8 months left in counting.

How have these recent 4 months in this new year been for you?

Remember that discussion board question I asked us all: What will be your greatest blessing and what will be your greatest challenge?

Then all of a sudden in March Covid-19 sparked. Who would’ve known that it would.

Morning Message: Reliable Source

This morning I want to talk about reliable source. Have you ever heard of this catch phrase?

If not, that is even better opportunity for it to be explain.

I ask you on 4/5/2020, What is your most reliable source?

Is it yourself, God, a mate, children, family, pastor, the world, money, clothes, cars, a job?

In times like this God is forcing us to return to our roots.

The Lord loves those who have accepted salvation and who have accepted his call. But still God obviously wants you and I attention.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on who is your most reliable source, or what is your most reliable source.

We have all fallen short in some way, but it is accountability for our actions that God takes notice of.


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