MR Support Services ( we have a-lot)

Support Services We Offer

You should know by now that MentorshipRevolution is dedicated to the help and sustainment of all minds and lives.

But you might be new to our organization so let me inform you how we can help you and serve you during these adaptable and changing times!

1. Mentorship Program

We have a mentorship program in which we can offer you a first time free appointment. In the case of Covid-19 we can offer you mental, spiritual support, and guidance.

You are also able to book an appointment on Facebook.

2. Free Coaching

I am willing to contribute my time, support, and effort if you are in need of coaching. Especially with all the recent events. I feel this is my calling and I am willing to provide limited free coaching for all those in need. It is your choice though to reach out and receive.

3. Unlimited resources and materials

We have been here almost two years, and that is consistently. I have over 400 posts on this website that you can use and leverage for your life journey and to create a knowledge base ( or extend it).

Even better subscribe and you can receive more and more!

4. Affirmation Series

I am an aspiring Psychologist and affirmations are a tool that I love to use. So much so I have created an Affirmation Series that is available to you and the rest of the world. Right now affirmations can help us check in emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. They are very therapeutic, and on this site and all of our other platforms you can find them!

But, I made some changes as the founder in 2019. To have exclusive membership access to all of the Affirmation Series there is now a monthly fee of $5. That is only $5!

On facebook we have a special private chat for the Affirmation Series. I am sending invitations daily so let me know if you are interested in joining us! It is free to join by the way.

5. Super Soul Sunday (Every other Sunday!)

We have this thing on our platform that I refer to as Super Soul Sunday Session(s). Tune in because these speak to the soul!

6. GroupMe Chat

We now have a GroupMe Chat. You can find us at MentorshipRevolution Crew!

Let’s talk about any and everything. This is an opportunity for us to interact personally, intellectually, and purposefully. Spread the word for those who might be in need of a friend during this time!

I can name a hundred more, but these are the major six I will emphasize in this post.

If you are currently reading this blog please subscribe, so you can receive weekly emails straight to your inbox. We don’t want to disappoint!


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