4,000 on the way & 5,000 a Giveaway!

We are so close!

We are on the way to 4k everyone 🎉

That calls for celebration. Every minute of the day by the way.

How many of you have been here since 2018? The year this organization came to be.

If you are new: Welcome!

Almost at 4k

As I mentioned us hitting 4k is a very big deal. I stated in the beginning of 2020 that our very big goal is to reach 5k in 2020.

But, I also think the 4k before we get there is a big deal.

5k will be a Giveaway

Once we hit 5k in 2020 we will have our yearly giveaway.

I am excited because this is like the third giveaway MentorshipRevolution has sponsored so far.

What do you want to see us give away? Anything on your wish list? Gifts?

Let us know in the comments and subscribe to this website by the way😊


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