Morning Message❤️

Great Morning

Great Morning everyone in this community, friends, and family!

I hope all is well starting today.

Meaning you have awakened to see another day where God moves on each of our behalf.

Morning Message: Peer into Intimacy

So, I think we all have had a mentor, role model, or someone we look up to.

Sometimes we don’t even know them personally.

We may read their books, know their story and testimony, or we may watch their films and listen to their movie.

That is Intimacy, right?

To be able to see into someone.

I never noticed the similarities before between the word Intimacy and the three words Into Me See.

You see, Iyanla Vanzant had to reveal this to me.

I learned the conjunction due to me watching her videos, studying with her, and listening to her spiritual teachings/lessons.


How do you feel about others being able to see into you?

Is that easy for you to accept or are you weary of being intimate and vulnerable?

I believe in today’s world we are allowed to be more intimate and vulnerable than ever before, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy.

We have to decide what intimacy means to us personally, why, and how we want to use it to leave the world a much better place!



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