I-Prime X Free Tutoring During Covid-19😮

I am a partner with I-Prime X

Last year MentorshipRevolution began a partnership with I-Prime X.

An institution that prides itself in offering affordable, online, and expertise tutoring.

I have been a tutor since high school, so I fully support organizations and companies that provide tutoring services internationally and accessibly.

I-Prime X offering free tutoring Now!

I have news that I think will potentially be some of the greatest news you have heard thus far all year.

I-Prime X is currently offering you and your children free tutoring! That is free teaching, free help, and free academic assistance.

It is a deal you wouldn’t want to ever miss. Click this link: https://iprimex.com/register?fbclid=IwAR1TJReqOuiC0W4nAq1stFaZodCPi5LiMRchRCG7s0Pc6lAWXv5EQtr37U8

Start getting the help you need today for your education or your child’s 🙂


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