College Students: Motivation in the season of the unexpected!

U.N.I.T.E College Students all over the world.

Let’s end this semester with a BANG still!

Below I am posting a small letter I have written to myself and all of my fellow college students. I have been preaching community in the last two years since I started MentorshipRevolution, and it is obvious that community always matters. Even as we quarantine and social distance we still have to assemble as like minds for the betterment of mankind. United we stand but divided we fall.

Listen to The MR Podcast

You just might be a college student also in an unexpected predicament or circumstance.

I want you to know there is a space for you, and it is among MR.

Stream The MR Podcast on all mainstream platforms!

We have a college series dedicated to all things college, and there we will create radio that you will crave.

In these days we will be encouraging, uplifting, and sharing daily motivation.

Please Pray for us all and especially college students

We all need prayer during this Spring Season! I completely agree.

God is speaking to us, and we must not ignore how he sends us signals, signs, and messages.

I hope you are praying and living amongst a community of stable believers the best way you know how.

Also, pray for all college students in the U.S.A and abroad!


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