Urgent: Let’s be praying!

PSA for Coronavirus

MentorshipRevolution recognizes and is aware of the plague that is affecting the world globally as of very recent days.

College students are being forced to vacant campus all within the next few days, elderly people are being cited as a sensitive group to this virus, children are being forced to stop attending school and teachers have to adapt to the new protocol, and we are hearing more news every minute and hour.

Don’t Panic Family

Please don’t panic! I beg you not to. I have known for a while personally that the news can cause panic attacks and anxiety.

Be very careful of how you are allowing your environment to influence your thoughts, words, and actions.

Keep remaining intact, but just accommodate all the urgent news, demands, and changes. You are strong!

All those affected

For all those being affected by this virus I sympathize with you and I am praying for you to be healed and brought this illness.

I am praying you have a stable environment, support, and healthy nutrition and medicine. Of course great nurses or doctors that can assist you as you need.


God Bless You All

Please pray for me as well! I am a college student and my entire schedule has been rearranged.

I am praying and leaning on God per usual.

This is hopefully temporary, and hopefully there will be great recovery.

Sincerely, Hannah Lassiter

Founder of MentorshipRevolution


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