Popping Challenge: Share MentorshipRevoution


We are nearing the one year anniversary of the Share MentorshipRevolution Challenge!

Honestly, I don’t think we ever stopped our challenge, but just in case anyone has forgotten we are back for good in 2020.

I am not too happy with you all and your promotion and support for MentorshipRevolution.

I don’t feel that feeling 100%, but you all can do better as people enlightened.

I tried expanding the board of committee for this organization in 2019.

How did that work?

I did find a few willing young ladies like myself who are grinding, hustling, and striving for positive impact.

Still, I haven’t found a partner in crime per se.

Which is fine, because I started this organization as a sole proprietorship.

Make this challenge pop!

It is as simple when you share and upload pictures on your facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Please share something about MentorshipRevolution.

If you really don’t know what to say please feel free to contact us directly via email and we guide you in your generosity.

Now, I am looking forward to things popping for all of us in 2020! And nothing less.

Sincerely, Hannah Lassiter



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