Monthly Newsletter 18th Edition📔

Welcome to MR Monthly Newsletter 18th Edition

What’s Been Happening

Sincerely, I do apologize for the disappearance of MR Monthly Newsletter. In my life as the founder of this organization it has been a period full of more and more school, making very important decisions for my future, traveling, and me learning how to take the skills I have accumulated and using them to succeed career and business wise.

In 2020 I have had the most anticipated year of my life to be honest. I have learned that I can survive through even the most challenging and unique situations, plus I am bound for greatness in this lifetime.

How does this realization factor into the growth and development of this organization MentorshipRevolution?

In 2020 MR is preparing to launch our very first online store! Financially I could begin to doubt how this will happen, but I am walking by faith and not by sight. In the last two years I have seen the tremendous spread and impact of our organization, and we are making the right kind of noise globally.

Please become a contributor of MR Fundraiser. We are in need of funding for other activities, resources, and events besides the store but if you donate $1 or $5 you are helping us get closer to the day we can begin ordering, selling, and shipping. Stay tuned for more on the online store we are in the process of launching!

Covid-19 & Current Social and Racial Climate News

Another reason MR’s Monthly Newsletter has been delayed is because the world has been surging with new-found events and energies lately.

As a human being and black woman I have had to take a step back from all the things happening, and respond wisely once I felt I was ready to get my mind and hands to dance to the same tune.

I understand that you all have likely faced similar circumstances as well, or trying times as we call them.

I firmly believe God still has his hands in everything happening within the USA and globally (the world).

Yes, 2020 has been a year of chaos, sickness, pandemic, death, separation, recession, and we have each struggled to wrap our brains around how the world can suddenly fall on its face.

There are two scriptures that I will share with you and remind you of. Hopefully this provides a bit of relief in your mind and heart as you them.

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Isaiah 41:13

I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:4

As I think about the racial problems happening in my country and abroad I am angered that innocent black people are being killed by the law enforcement.

The weight that police injustice has caused for many families should never be the plan, and once a police takes the life of an innocent citizen the action is irreversible.

Going forward there shouldn’t be toleration of unjustifiable violence on citizen lives, especially if it harming more colored lives due to prejudice and racism.

I believe in justice and I believe in fairness. There has to be a system that can protect All USA citizens, while also we must eradicate the racism and evil individuals that are hiding inside.

There is still so much ahead of us to face, address, accept, and deal with on a wider scale than any of us could ever imagine.

The MR Podcast📀

The MR Podcast has been reigning in the radio department and I must say we are only still in the beginning.

At this point I hope all community members know where to go in order to enjoy listening.

If you are ever interested in being a featured guest on The MR Podcast please email

As well I hope you are sharing our podcast with others. Who doesn’t love listening to radio?

By the way, we are on the way to 1k listens/downloads.

I share the numbers with loyal supporters and community members because I want you all to know mission is being accomplished. The MR Podcast will continue to reach more listening ears every single day and generate more conversations and discussion that educates us and uplifts us.

The Affirmation Series

The Affirmation Series has been flourishing since it was started in September 2018.

Does it feel like two years since we started this journey?

If I could tell you what makes this community unique this is what I would admit: In this community we intend to offer tools, resources, and products that affirm the greater purpose for your life.

Yes, your life!

Let’s not even get on the topic of affordability with The Affirmation Series being only $5.

If you are still undecided on whether you should join this sector of our community please feel free to reach us again at

As well, just subscribe to and you will be just fine👍🏾

Social Media(s)

Find us on Facebook and like + follow. We are on the way to an exclusive community of 400 followers.

MentorshipRevolution needs to reach as many people as possible in the nations. We are bringing incredible news and opportunity for community that instills generational value.

Also, follow us on Instagram at @mentorshiprevolution101!

Come on and get our followers up on Instagram. There is no reason after 2 years we still don’t have 200 followers.

Stop watching us, and join this community that seeks to serve minds and lives. Let’s be a healing balm for those lost, confused, scared, or lonely.

Don’t leave others that haven’t joined us out of the loop any longer.

Affirmation Series Community

September was the celebration of the Affirmation Series second anniversary!

How did you celebrate? Maybe a slice of cake, a glass of your favorite beverage, posting us on your social media, or taking a day off for self-care and restart from the madness on the outside.

We appreciate all of you that believe in this series, and who are being blessed from the bounty of materials and resources we release monthly within each series.

This month we are in Affirmation Series 17: Aspiring to be the best version of self.

Many of you may be wondering how I create these titles or topics? Honestly, they normally are formed from inspiration, ideas, and real life experiences.

If you aren’t yet please join the Affirmation Series Community! We are a small exclusive community at the moment, and you only have to pay a generous price of $5 every month.

Mentorship Program

Are you familiar with the very reason we started in the first place 2018?

Let me introduce you to MentorshipRevolution Monthly Program.

In 2019 we officially launched after a year of being in existence and operation.

Because we love people so much we do offer the first mentoring session (duration up to 30 minutes) completely free of charge. Yes, that amounts to 0 pennies.

After this first mentoring session and meeting we decide how many meetings you as a mentee desire every month, what goals and objectives you are seeking to make happen, and you share with me how can I realistically help you, support, and provide leadership counsel.

Mentoring sessions start at 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes of each mentoring session is associated with a $15 fee. Meaning that there is a $15 costs for each 30 minutes you get with your mentor’s undivided attention, time, and service.

These mentoring sessions are about us serving you! Mentors are meant to help guide others, care, listen, and share a portion. Let us do that if you are in a season of going out and expanding in your life.

Fundraiser Partner

Partner with us starting any day now while you are still alive.

It may be a generous donation of $1 or $5. Upon donating let us know if you are interested in being recognized on Facebook or Instagram.

You may even be featured on our weekly email list!

I can share a podcast mention or so as well 🙂

Inspirational Message

Well, this newsletter is slowly coming to an end.

It has been a long process getting it to you all, but I have been busier than honey bees all 2020.

I think we should talk about in this newsletter aspiring to be the best version of yourself amidst any adversity you may face.

As the picture above shows obstacles only strengthen us along this life journey.

Where do obstacles come from and why? We have debated about this since the beginning of mankind.

When obstacles show up in our lives or we see them coming down the road we can have a few different reactions.

In 2020 ask yourself how did you react to this year’s obstacles? Did you face them slowly but surely and calmly as well? Did you run in flight and begin to become weighed down with worry, doubt, and fear?

What if I told you both reactions above can be normal for us as human beings. But, even so after we allow ourselves to have those emotional moments and days we must return back more resolved than before.

This is how you become the conquer and victor instead of the conquered and overcame.

I know you can do more than you know you are capable of. I have seen us doing it all year.

Build up yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Follow that inner compass and the divine nudges you are recipient of every single day.



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