Tomorrow is my Birth Day!


Tomorrow is my birth-day!

Yes, I turn 20 years old.

20’s here I come.

I started this community and organization two years ago after graduating early college high school.

God is so good, and I am happy with the success I have had so far.

Prepare for greater guys! Greater is to come amongst us.

Celebrate with me

Help me celebrate my birthday!

Don’t leave me celebrating all alone.

Join MentorshipRevolution. Become a member.

Help us fulfill our worldwide mission to be agents in sustaining minds and lives🎉

We recently started the MentorshipRevolution Mission Fundraiser.

Please consider donating $1 or $5 if you can. Become a partner with us. Pray for us and uplift our mission in prayer and encouragement!

I am thankful for all that enjoy MentorshipRevolution and believe in the work we are doing on the mission field.

Don’t forget to donate + share a bday gift with me

If you are interested in sending me a money gift to bring in my 20th birthday then I will greatly appreciate it!

My cashapp handle is $Iamchosen2000 and my paypal email is

Contact me directly also if you would like on any of the MR platforms.

Don’t forget to donate to MR’s Mission Fundraiser. Decide to be a genuine giver🙂

God bless you.


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