MentorshipRevolution Question Column 15th Edition

MentorshipRevolution Monthly Question Column 15th Edition!


Welcome to MentorshipRevolution’s Monthly Question Column where we ask some of the best questions on the ‘net. Seriously, we do.

Questions are important! I know us adults sometimes try to avoid the answers or either we assume we have no answers or we have all the answers.

For our question column we ask all the questions that you would ask, and we provide answers that are from a reputable source.

If you would like to submit a question to our question column, and have us share answers with you completely free of charge please email


Statement : MR is designing a question column because we truly believe questions are the gateway to knowledge and wisdom. We are encouraging our supporters and the people in societies to seek information that can bring about positive change, individual growth, and community growth.

What’s the deal: As of now MR will answer a question every month- that we have all asked at least once in our life, or will ask eventually. We desire for the questions to be asked by the people, but we don’t have a problem creating them. To send in a question please email the question to MentorshipRevolution or leave it as a comment on this website. Enjoy reading this month’s column!

Inside the life of becoming a stage performer and actress, Let’s welcome our first guest for 2020 Ajah Harold!

Welcome Ajah to MR’s Monthly Question Column!

You are playing Beneatha Younger in Raisin of the Sun. This sounds exciting and pretty amazing. What has led up to this moment in your life? Is this what you always knew you would do? Share with MR Question Column readers a life lesson that has been reinforced throughout this season of your life.

Ajah Harold: I’m Ajah Harold playing Beneatha Younger in ‘A Raisin in the Sun’.

What led me to this moment in my life was the ability for me to step outside of my comfort zone and to have full faith in what God has in store for me; It was also a matter of me overcoming the fear of being inadequate.

Acting onstage is something that I always knew I would do. It takes confidence and even others to help pull that ‘shine’ out of you. One life lesson that I would like to share is the power of humility; one has to believe in his or her own abilities, yet walk with humility in the face of others—be humble enough to know that you’re on the same ground as everyone else. 😊

The End

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed MentorshipRevolution’s Monthly Question Column 15th Edition.

It has been a joy since the first day I thought of the idea that I could have my own effective Question Column. Hopefully this Question Column has been effective since we started in 2018. This is our first edition in this new decade and new year.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on what our first time guest Ajah Harold spoke about becoming a stage performer and how humility and overcoming inadequacy led her to this winning point.

Most of all we want to feature your questions, so send them in! Our email is open 24/7😊



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