5k will begin a Giveaway🎉

What’s up?

Hello MentorshipRevolution Community, friends, and family’

How has your day January 30, 2020 been?

Hopefully booked, busy, and blessed. And nothing less.

4k before May

Our first yearly goal regarding growth as a community and organization is to reach 4k views on this website before May, 2020.

Which should be easy to accomplish since we are almost there.

5k begins a Giveaway

We have done a few giveaways already ( I believe 2-3) and for the accomplishment of 5k I will have a Giveaway!

5k can happen before 2021 but I can’t estimate when in 2020 this will happen.

Make sure you are subscribed as a member, and have looked throughout this website for all the things that interest you most, or serve your needs and desires as a human being.

Stand with us as we near 5k in 2020😂

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