Subscriber Recognition Moment 🙂

Good afternoon!

I want to take a quick minute and recognize our new subscriber and community member Daniel!

You all know I use to take fond in doing weekend shout outs and saluting those who are proud MentorshipRevolution supporters and members.

Let’s welcome Daniel to our growing community, and I want to share a little background about how he came to be amongst us.

Some of you may know on January 4, 2020 while I was visiting my father in Houston Texas I went and saw The Color Purple Live for the very first time!

Well, I posted video footage on my YouTube channel and Daniel just so happens to love The Color Purple.

He has now subscribed to my YouTube Channel and he is now a subscriber to MentorshipRevolution as well.

Now that I have done what I needed to do for this recognition moment I am signing out. ✌️


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