Morning Message🌈

Starting my day earlier than early

Good early early morning! Blue skies and rainbows.

Isn’t Somewhere over the Rainbow such a beautiful classic song?

This semester is going to be Wow!

I can feel it, see it, and I embody it.

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Morning Message Title: What are you waiting for? In the past you waited.

Have you ever found yourself waiting far to long for what you want or what you need?

What happens when we learn to suppress and repress?

Patience is virtue, but not befriending time isn’t.

Don’t become stagnant while conscious. Keep moving forward and tapping into your higher self.

To be continued……

Today you are still waiting, but now you have been waiting far to long.

What should have been a day long wait, month long wait, or year long wait has became a 5 years wait.

Hold on, the saying says time waits for no one!

The old saying also says time is precious.

After all this time you have been waiting for that one day have you forgotten this?

It isn’t too late if you are conscious and reading this article.

God has deemed you fortunate and blessed.

But there is a journey that you must continue to travel, and it will not always be smooth and one way.

Tap into your inner spiritual self and pursue religion that brings salvation and fulfillment.

You will find meaning, realize your true purpose, and never take another day for granted.

I ask you again: What are you waiting for?


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