MR’s Weekly Challenge 14


It is 2020, and we are in the midst of a brand new year (365 days) and decade.

Notice, I used the words Brand New.

We are in a brand new season and era. Let’s rejoice that we are alive and by that right privileged!

With that being said I am excited to begin MR’s Weekly Challenge (14).

What is this week’s Weekly Challenge?

I challenge you to become more intensely passionate about your purpose and calling + decide to support someone as they do the same.

I still don’t understand why MentorshipRevolution hasn’t received more recognition than it has.

It isn’t that I am ungrateful and unsatisfied, but I am appalled that other people don’t care more about the mission we have set in stone and been working towards, or you can say I as the founder.

This organization was made to help sustain minds and lives in an age that many people demean and disregard.

I started this community and organization at the tender age of 18 years old, and I believe that is reason enough other people should sense the sincerity that MR was founded upon.

No one told me I should do this, but God! Yes, once I lived up to the calling others jumped on the bandwagon, and I have since gained one or two unconditional supporters for sure. But others had to sense I was serious and really on fire as the words I spoke said I was.

Now, I am seeing MentorshipRevolution reach into countries that are outside and beyond the USA borders and culture.

This is amazing, and this is evidence of God’s power and ability to transform us and the rest of the world we encounter if we begin to lead as we are called.

Again, I challenge you to begin this year with a greater sense of purpose and calling than ever before!

If you are unsure what calling and purpose mean as I use it or others use it, that is okay!

You may not even choose to call it calling and purpose, but I assume you know what I am referring to. There is a reason you are here in this appointed time, and I challenge you to live up to the name that is yours.

Cheers to the best year ever, and the best you🥂

I have something to share

In 2020 we know what we are focused on, and I want us to get closer to all of our goals, peace, happiness, and joy,

Here is a blog that was created for that exact purpose:

Click this link and follow my other blog HouseofEmpowerment! It will be one of the best choices you have ever made.


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