I am offering $10 Consultations💪🏾

Good morning.

How has your morning been thus far? Hopefully well, peaceful, and productive.

I am so excited about 2020, and the things ahead for myself, each one of us, and especially this community collectively.

You Can’t Beat $10 Mentor Consultation Sessions

Along with all the new features I have added to this organization and platform, I will now be offering $10 Consultations.

I am excited to share with you all now that this semester as a senior studying psychology in university I will be engaging in my first internship.

This is what I prayed for, I asked God to bring my plans forth as long as they honored his authority and word.

I made sure I got aligned with the source of my breath and being, which is Jehovah.

So, I am excited to start working with other like-minds 1 on 1, and even those who are in need of coaching, advising, leadership, and positive reinforcement and direction.

Mentor Consultation Plans

We can meet twice a month or we can meet thrice a month. That is only $20 or $30 per month for MR’s Exclusive Mentorship Program!

The original price was $30 a hour, so the price has been drastically reduced for the convenience and benefit of YOU!

Schedule your first consultation free of charge and email us at MentorshipRevolution24.7@gmail.com or leave a comment to inform us you are interested, and why you need this process currently in your life.

Trust me, I am equipped.


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