A new challenge for the net: The twenty things I want most in 2020

Happy New Years Eve folks! Yes, I am playing early bird.

Since I am playing early bird and randomness usually causes ideas and inspiration, here I am.

I present the Twenty things I need most challenge

I have started this challenge as the title says by the name of “The twenty things I want most in 2020.”

It is meant to be a creative, inspiring, fun, and witty task that actually is a way to start manifesting our most pure needs as we begin another new year and decade in our lives.

As a leader I am meant to lead and plus I am the founder of MentorshipRevolution. I have been called to do what I am doing, and hopefully I never have to stop ( I may have to pause sometimes, replenishment is necessary for the bones and mind ).

Please share your lists

I would love to have you all share your twenty things I need most in 2020 lists, but you can even journal it or post it up in a frame on your wall. Just have fun, and start writing it now!

If I ask you to do it of course I have already done it myself, click this link to see the two things I need most in 2020: https://link.medium.com/VimxhPyFR2

Share your list on Facebook

As you should know we have our own Facebook page by the name of Mentorship, I would love for a few of our community members to boldly post their twenty things I need most list.

Share it on Instagram

We of course have an Instagram page also, so we need to share a few of our lists there as well to bring attention to this creative and wonderful challenge.

Send to our email

If you want to simply send your twenty things I need most in 2020 challenge to us, and have us post it share it or read it, that works! Here is our email in case you haven’t memorized it yet: MentorshipRevolution24.7@gmail.com


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