Happy SuperSoulSunday!

Happy SuperSoulSunday!

December will be ending in two days, and that will be the closing of another year in each one of our lives.

Time is of the essence, and I know we will each discover that again and again in 2020 and every year that follows for the rest of this decade.

To be real, you likely have dealt with death in 2019. Lost friends. Dealt with breaks ups. Like me, moved around a lot. Had to endure bus trips and airplanes. Maybe you lost a job or didn’t get the job you wanted most and even applied to.

Today in this SuperSoulSunday I want to talk Keeping It Real; Keeping it Soulful.

Keeping it Real; Keeping it Soulful.

Do you find it hard to keep it real?

I know keeping it real isn’t acceptable everywhere, if keeping it real is acceptable at all.

But, we still should never underestimate the importance of keeping it real. I think keeping it real is soulful, and I love soul.

Some things we can’t hide beneath a rug or cover up. Really that is all things, because what is done in the dark always come to light. That is what the old saying says.

While keeping it real with others is something we often struggle to do as human beings, it is even worse when we lie to ourselves and try to pretend with self.

This kind of cycle often leads to worsening the situation and making us be thrown off path later down the line.

It is important that I note, we often lie to ourselves for what seems like the right reasons and purposes. To feel okay, to not feel sad, to avoid the pain of the truth, and to appear strong.

Stop doing all the unnecessary covering and pretending about yourself and the life you live. Keep it real and keep it soulful.

I will share with you the formula to MentorshipRevolution success and outreach thus far: I, as the founder, has sworn to keep it real and keep it soulful.

We never know enough of the truth, because knowing isn’t memorizing and reciting alone. Knowing is obedience, loyalty, commitment, action, and work to be done till the very day we depart.

This SuperSoulSunday I encourage you to dig deeper inside and find what you know but maybe need to know more, or you try to keep pushed underneath to avoid the pain of confrontation. You will be okay!


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