The MR Podcast on the way to 300📻

Good afternoon!

How was Christmas? Leave in the comments section how you celebrated!

We are walking into 2020, and I am excited. I am excited for each one of us and especially us as a community.

We will have our own discussion board!

In 2020 MentorshipRevolution will start our very own Discussion Board and Forum.

I will not let another year go by without hearing from certain community members or without us getting to know each other and relate on a much higher level.

We need mentors!

By the way I am looking for Potential Mentors for MentorshipRevolution Mentor Program. Please leave a comment below if you believe you can be a mentor and serve in this program. I will send you all the information that you need once interest is expressed.

The MR Podcast is on the way to 300!

After a year of being in existence on Spreaker the MR Podcast is on our way to 300 plays and downloads, and we have over 50 podcasts on our platform.

If you haven’t heard by now we are all over the internet on all of your favorite radio and podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Iheartradio, Castbox, etc. Because I love you all so much and I want you to have free access to this podcast at anytime you need it I will leave all links down below:

Apple Podcasts:



Google Podcasts:



Podcast Addict:

If you are new here, I as the founder invite you to the family and I welcome you. You are on the way to becoming a official member, but first you must subscribe to this website. By subscribing you never miss us when we meet and you gain access to incredible content and information. If you need a mentor let us know, I am the mentor expert 🙂


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