MentorshipRevolution Monthly Question Column: 14th Edition

MentorshipRevolution Question Column 14th Edition

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Welcome to MR’s Question Column 14th Edition!

Mission Statement : MR is designing a question column because we truly believe questions are the gateway to knowledge and wisdom. We are encouraging our supporters and the people in societies to seek information that can bring about positive change, individual growth, and community growth.

What’s the deal: As of now MR will answer a question every month- that we have all asked at least once in our life, or will ask eventually. We desire for the questions to be asked by the people, but we don’t have a problem creating them. To send in a question please email the question to MentorshipRevolution or leave it as a comment on this website. Enjoy reading this month’s column!

I want to send joy your way as we are in the midst of Christmas season and soon New Year’s Eve🎀

In this specific edition of the Question Column we will focus on leadership. Leadership is the task rendered to the person that is most capable and gifted to show others the way, ropes, and way to be, do, and serve. Let’s delve into the meaning of leadership and how one can identify if they might be prepared to lead ( or have strong ability).

Question: I am interested in understanding leadership, and potentially leading for the first time. But I still feel quite inexperienced and nervous. How can I prepare to be a confident leader?

Hello, and thank you for writing to MR’s Monthly Question Column. We hope you enjoy your Christmas this year and wish you a Happy New Year’s Eve🎀

It appears you are interested in leadership, but still feel quite inexperienced and shy. Which isn’t the absolute worst thing to imagine. I mean, who prefers being in the front and high on demand when instead they can throw their feet back, relax, and watch?

You see, leadership is a job. It isn’t a title as much as it is a job and a character trait. Leadership has to be lived up to, and this is why most of us tend to dive out of the way. Life is stressful enough be as it is. But I have a formula that will help you go into 2020 with a new-found confidence in leadership. Before you know it you will be leading everything😊

Okay. I will present my strategy or answer in three individual steps. Please listen carefully. This is how you will fight feeling inexperienced and show up instead to lead anyway ( because you can!):

1. Change/Adapt your mindset.

You are not inexperienced as much as you think you are. Everyone has some kind of skill, talent, gift, ability, or showmanship. Now that this is clear, stop saying I am inexperienced and start saying I am in a steep learning process. Change/Adapt your mindset!

2. Start somewhere doing more than ever before.

No need to waste anymore time being inexperienced, afraid, or still. If you are around opportunities ( school, jobs, community events, start researching online) start pursuing them. At least one at a time.  Set goals that will allow you to plan and implement. It all happens one day at a time. Life is lived one minute, one day at a time.

3. Once you get opportunities, take them seriously and lead!

I wish more of us had a leader mentality. But, unfortunately, it has to be learned from the ground up. Leadership is a development process. There are all kind of leaders, types, and personalities. This should encourage us all to pursue leadership if it is in our DNA.

Now, I hope I can find you leading in 2020😉