Morning Message ( Real Deep)

Good 🌄

I hope your morning is going well, and your thoughts and spirit is at peace.

Let’s not ignore that the beginning of a new decade is right around the corner. Literally the times we are living in is being written and remembered in the history books at this moment.

It makes me ponder and take in the feeling that time is the worst thing to waste. Time is life, and both are infinitely valuable.

Let’s get into this Morning Message!

Morning Message: Let it Be!

It works, but first try it.

As I said, we are entering an entire new decade. It is sort of a sign that old things are done, and new things are ready and going to begin.

We have to get ready guys! Life works in this mysterious manner in which it never stops. The clock never stops.

The clock (time) may slow down or get faster, but we can guarantee that it will keep going. Going into 2020 are you at peace with that? Are you at peace with time and how you spend your time?

If you aren’t, I hope you are preparing to start changing or doing something different. Because I would hate for another decade in anyone’s life to be wasted.

As we have festivities and give gifts and receive gifts in this season it is also time to begin thinking ahead. It it is time to rev up the engine, and get ready for a new hell of a ride!

In order to begin to do that physically, mentally, and spiritually we must Let it Be.

Yes, I think Let it Be is the way to end and begin a new decade ( which we are going forth into).

At the age of 20 years old ( which i will be in 2 months) I am sending the message- Let it Be!

Whatever it is, whatever it may turn out to be, and whatever you fear or resist Let it Be.

I plan on letting life be great and prosperous in 2020. What do you plan on letting life be?

Take this thought in mind with you as we gear to enter the year 2020..


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