MR’s Weekly Challenge (13): Support Women’s Rights!


It has been too long…… Which I must apologize for such a long break on The Weekly Challenge (s).

If you could only peek into my life you would understand why such a long break occurred. But now I am very excited to launch a weekly challenge at this time of the year. Hopefully it isn’t too late for a new fantastic weekly challenge!

Let’s jump into MR’s Weekly Challenge (13) It’s on!

MR’s Weekly Challenge 13: Support Women’s Rights.

Do you want to become involved with a little global service this week? The week right before the holiday Christmas.

It is easy, and simple. If you choose to pre-order my brand new book Poetry For Girls That Struggle you are choosing to support women’s rights!

I dedicated this book to all women- there aren’t any exceptions. We all love our women, right? Especially our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and sisters.

This week I challenge you to stand with women as we share our stories and boldly uplift the stories of every women. I like to call this the celebration of womanhood.

Here is the link so you cab pre-order Poetry For Girls That Struggle:
December 22, 2019 is the books big release day, and that calls for celebration. As I do my online book launch look out for more posts/articles that will give you inside access into how a 19 year wrote and created her first self-published short story ( composed of poems).

This is an exciting time for me, and I will be sharing that excitement on all my platforms. Bringing light to the world minute by minute.

This week’s challenge is to support women’s rights, and you can do as you purchase a copy of Poetry For Girls That Struggle.

Feel free to leave any questions, inquiries, or thoughts below!

Enjoy your Tuesday😊