Today is Day 11!


I hope you have been enjoying this day.

I on the otherhand completed two final exams, and I am happy to be ending all courses for this semester.

One word to describe my semester and the latter half of 2019 is Tough.

But I made it, and I am celebrating!

Someone is turning 20 in February 2020 😉

I am happy to be where I am in my youth and God has shown me day after day he will never leave my side. Regardless of what others think or have to say.

Are you rejoicing in this Christmas season? Does 2020 look bright to you as we approach a new year?

If not, I have a remedy. Join us in MR’s first ever Christmas Marathon! We are celebrating in someway big everyday in December.

Subscribe and sign up to join our community. It isn’t about making money over here ( though money makes the world go around, right?).

We have a podcast that is embarking upon its first 1 year in existence! It is titled The MR Podcast, and you can follow it on Spreaker and your favorite podcast/radio platforms.

I will release a podcast anytime ( the schedule will be much better in 2020), so stay tuned for episode releases.

Remember today is Day 11!!!!#


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