I am releasing my first book💪


Good day thus far?

I hope so, and I hope you are partaking in Christmas joy and fellowship or festivities.

I released on December 9, 2019 that between December and February I will be releasing my first book ever!

Yes, I will be publishing my first book and I am very confident in what everything has come to be.

Though I have described 2019 as Tough, 2019 has also been my year!

I hope that you as the reader can say the same for 2019. Life is the sweetest blessing that God has ever gave us ( renewed life that is).

So, I choose to embrace the challenges and work as a steward. All of this while chasing my dreams.

And I created this community because community is without a question part of the fabric that sustains human melody.

We use social media and the internet every other hour now, so why not have a community and family of like minds.

I must say though in 2020 I will be making a lot of changes to this platform. It will be for the security, maintenance, and protection of those who are genuine in making a difference, serving within community, networking, and becoming a better overall human being.

I take that seriously, and I will not tolerate those who think this platform isn’t about mission work.

Now, I have officially gave the PSA about my first ever published novel. Well, I want you to be one of the first people to get a copy. Therefore leave your name and email in the comments below or you can email us at MentorshipRevolution24.7@gmail.com.

I will hopefully be setting up a pre-order list for the ebook, and I want hardback copy to come eventually down the line.

Make sure you are staying tuned for the book name release! I am so excited, but I need the support of other like minds, poets, and people who buy and read books.

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