A Very Special SuperSoulSunday (Peek inside)

Happy SuperSoulSunday, Day 8 of MR’s Christmas Marathon, and Day 5 of MR’s Christmas Challenge!!!!!!

Here is a very special SuperSoulSunday Message.

Warning: This is a SuperSoulSunday Message that will change your life, and bring bright reflection and response.

Christmas Challenge Day 5: Most of us are adults (or even for us younger adults) so let me be clear. If you enjoy this website and being part of an organization such as this on a worldwide mission to better lives and minds, please leave something that is nice and kind. I rarely hear from most of you and I think walking into 2020 we need to be a much greater community. Leave your thoughts and response on today’s SuperSoulSunday Message. I am grateful for all the eyes who watch and listen, those who reach out, and those who are likeminded 🎀


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