SuperSoulSunday Message! (You will see this on a Monday)

Happy SuperSoulSunday!

Such a busy week I have ended recently.

If you all could watch as my head spins 😆

I would probably die laughing at myself with how busy I am.

It seems in the last two years I haven’t had one break, but thank God I am in my prime.

Title of SuperSoulSunday Message: Stretch. Expand.

These are the words I was given Sunday evening as I received a ride from a fellow black older woman who would be my Uber driver.

I have a knack for storytelling, or sometimes I am in the “social mood”.

Anyways, I believe our ride was 18 minutes from where I was picked up to the final destination.

We had a conversation and I shared a little about my background, and I gained some tidbits through just another everyday encounter ( which I guess that means it wasn’t a regular encounter).

This woman had a lot in common with me, and therefore she had a little more right to give me fair advice as a younger lady.

Her advice was as follows: “Stretch and expand during your college years. Take advantage of the time while there and find a place where you belong and feel accepted for who you are. There are many people who may have your same background and share similar values and beliefs. I know what you have experienced before, but college is no longer high school”.

What are your thoughts and reactions on the above quote? How can you relate as a past college student or current college student as myself?

My uber driver’s last words to me as we departed ( which you may can already guess, she echoed her previous dissertation): “Stretch and Expand”.

Do I feel I have stretched and expanded in the last two years? Absolutely is the polite way to say it.

But as my Uber driver said I must stretch and expand somewhere. And I guess I should thank God I am still alive to do just that.

We should thank God together, because you are alive as well. And I know that God has places and opportunities for you to stretch and expand.

The motto for 2020 is to stretch and expand.

Let’s repeat: In 2020 I will not be afraid to stretch and expand as life and I see fit.

Happy SuperSoulSunday😊