I-Prime-X Partnership! I am excited for this venture.


If you all only knew the things I have been doing lately. I know I’m not the only busy person so I salute all hardworking individuals; may God bless you.

It has been awhile since this partnership began, but I wanted to announce and share the news at the perfect time. For it wouldn’t have been wise to share before the right time, since my life has been full of ongoing activity since August.

As the title reads, I have partnered with I-Prime-X. What is I-Prime-X?

Let me eagerly share. I-Prime-X are prime tutors!

I have been sharing my experiences as a college student for over a year now, and I have been a peer tutor since my Jr. year in high school. This year solidifies 3 years of me being in the tutoring world, and I truly value the practice of tutors (and tutoring).

I-Prime-X Essential Information

I-Prime-X has over 490 subjects on their platform in which they offer on-line and in-person tutoring sessions. All of their instructors are background checked, which is done for the safety and security of all parties involved. They are actually the safest tutoring company for any age in the U.S.A! All of their instructors are certified and has either a Master’s degree or Ph.D. degree. If you choose to find a tutor with I-Prime-X then I promise you will be in hands that will help you reach your academic or subject goals.

By now you are likely asking, “Well what about their costs?”

The lowest tutoring session is $39.99, and the most expensive is $59.99 per a 60 minute session. Here is their website for you to go and see all the information, and how to begin the process if you are interested: https://iprimex.com/.

I hope you will try I-Prime-X for all those in school or college. Their database and services are qualified and very extensive. This is the real deal for those who need to access tutoring along their educational and developmental journey.

You don’t have to worry about the expenses, I have your back. Use this discount code once you have visited the website and decided that I-Prime-X has tutoring services (online or offline) that are smart for you to utilize: “HLSAVE5”. Don’t forget to use my special discount code!


· Affordable prices!                                         · Safe K-16 tutor!

· Close the academic gap! · Money back guarantee!

· Certified Instructors! · All background checked !

· Online and in-person tutoring!

· http://www.iprimex.com

Coupon Code: HLSAVE5

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about I-PRIME-X from this point on, let us know! Email us at mentorshiprevolution24.7@gmail.com. We want to see you succeed, and have your personal needs met.


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