The MR Podcast is now on…..

I have an announcement to make.

Recently I shared that our very podcast was added to Apple’s Podcast, and if you are an Apple’s Podcast fan feel free to begin listening to us on that particular platform.

Well, The MR Podcast is now on Deezer! Yes if you enjoy cruising to Deezer you can enjoy cruising to the MR Podcast.

I want to share how the stats for the podcast has been popping lately, and share that appreciation in the same tone.

I hope The MR Podcast has been doimg a wonderful job in sending you tidbits, gleans, and radio that makes a difference. Radio that uplifts, informs, encourages, teaches, and excites.

The road ahead for my podcast is appearing very bright, and we are moving on up!

If you are not yet following The MR Podcast on Spreaker, please do so. That is the main way to receive every episode, download episodes, and play episodes.

Are you someone others would think is important? Do you have a powerful and resounding voice? Do you have a message to share with other people and potentially the global world? You might be a great guest for The MR Podcast! Email us at



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