Morning Message 😊

Good morning!

This morning I want to appear bright and early. Especially since it has been awhile since the last Morning Message was published.

I have been enduring private trials and tribulations. Satan has made it clear that he opposes my God given authority and prosperity. Why shouldn’t he?

All I get I give back to God due to my soul’s salvation and the humility and peace, which are commands of God and the invitation of the Holy spirit.

Title of Morning Message: No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper.

There isn’t any weapon formed against God’s saints that will prosper. What does that really mean, I mean we have all heared this at least once before during our lifetime.

Isaiah 54:17 

17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
And their righteousness is from Me,”
Says the Lord.

Why do the weapons seize to take us under in the first place? Simply said, because we live on a world of evil, sin, and unrighteousness. There isn’t any other answer.

The scripture mentions the imagery of a tongue rising against us in judgement. This is referring to a liar, deceiver, and a person who hates the one that walks with God. These people do exist, some are known privately and some are known publicly.

Still the rash tongue of Satan himself cannot destroy righteous people. See Satan has to have a vessel. We are vessels, but Satan has to ask permission. That permission can be hard to discern, because the power of Satan lies in his ability to change his appearance, deceive, and use trickery.

God is the creator of all life and the entire universe. There isn’t any weapon known to man or unknown to man that God can’t use, conquer, or destroy. Once we embrace the spiritual truth that God has equipped us for spiritual warfare we will be okay. Because believe it or not we all are in a spiritual warfare. Which is the fight and battle between good and evil.

Today I am fighting on the side where God’s army resides, and I will not allow any circumstance to make me look back. There isn’t anything worth you turning back. Keep moving forward and stand in firm position. Imagine yourself (or even David) as God provides you authority and insight to slay every giant in your life. Along slaying any giant doesn’t seem hopeful, but with God leading you all the giants already lay at your feet.

The End of Morning Message:

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