Tomorrow the giveaway ends.

Hello. Good evening.

To be honest I am not in the most positive mood right now. I can’t even find the words to begin…..

I am over this past roommate incident, and how it caught me off guard and affected more than half my semester. How the roommate walks away unscathed, and I was the one that had to move out of my apartment and totally start over.

I have ever right to feel fed up and discombobulated. I know all things are working for my good, but I have to take it day by day and know that this incident doesn’t matter in the long run. There are truly only lessons I can learn from this experience, and proceed forth to much awaiting victory.

Have you entered the giveaway? It has been almost more then 2 weeks since I begin this giveaway in celebration of MR3k. If you enter our giveaway you could be the lucky winner of a $25 giftcard. I only ask (ed) that you do 7 easy things to enter the Giveaway. If you need those details they are still up on the website of course! Just look back 2 weeks.

I am excited that I have been able to host my very own second giveaway, and I love blessing others as I am blessed. We should all spread this train of thought, despite all the odds and the hate that we sometimes see around us.

Don’t forget to enter MR’s Giveaway, and you might just be that 1 lucky winner.

Tomorrow the giveaway will officially end.

Sincerely, Hannah Lassiter

Founder of MentorshipRevolution


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