It’s SuperSoulSunday!

Shouting: SuperSoulSunday

Good afternoon. I hope your Sunday has been full of renewal, replenishment, and resurrection.

I am excited to release another SuperSoulSunday Message! I love creating these, and I am kind of astonished at my ability to do this. But thank God I can and I do!

Today’s Supersoul Sunday Message: Surrender to God’s Plan No Matter!

This message is vital and I hope you are blessed by it:

Happy SuperSoulSunday!! Let’s get to today’s SuperSoulSunday Message.

Let me spill some beans for you all. I have been enduring a move lately ( and a moving time in my life) and it happened out of nowhere.

It wasn’t anything I did that I shouldn’t have and I didn’t break the moral code.

But word to us all B.S still happens! I have a few tips that will help us all deal with things that are beyond our control,  and these tips also help us keep that peace we truly need:

1. Be honest.
2. Accept whatever it is.
3. Face your fears.
4. Stay true to yourself.
5. Surrender to God’s plan

This is exactly where I am in my process right now, and this guide is helpful for all that I could ever face in the future. Maybe it resonates with you and the way you dealt with your trials and tribulations. They can’t break us, but they have a depth of truth, meaning, and lessons.

Happy SuperSoulSunday!