The MR Podcast coming to Apple Podcasts!!!!!!!!!!


Hello. Good afternoon on this Thursday!

Sending all my love and positive energy vibrations. Such a blessing God allows us to choose the higher path in life vs the lower path.

We are coming to Apple Podcasts!

Yes! We The MR Podcast is heading your way and to your front screen.

I have done the work so we can be featured on Apple Podcasts, and God even let me take a shortcut with this one.

I hope you are excited, especially if you prefer using Apple Podcasts.

You should be rejoicing because The MR Podcast show no signs of slowing down, and in 2020 I see us being 10 times juicier.

Get ready for more radio content created for all minds and lives, special guests, collaborations, courses, lectures, and some other exciting things.

If you haven’t followed The MR Podcast yet, what are you doing?

Here is the link so you can follow us (stay updated/informed) and download cool episodes free of charge:



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