Midnight SuperSoulSundayūüėä

Hello, and Happy SuperSoulSunday!

I released podcast news earlier this morning on The MR Podcast, but I am super late getting the SuperSoulSunday published.

You all I have moved out of the apartment owned by my college that I was living in since August, and now I am back where I lived my first year at Lenoir Rhyne University.

It was very stressful these last few days, and I don’t even know where to start. I know I made the best decision by leaving the apartment I was living in, but moving hasn’t been free of its stress either.

Today’s SuperSoulSunday Message: Don’t Settle in Fear

The situation with my negative and unkind roommate at my old apartment is a prime example. I didn’t deserve for that to happen to me and I didn’t have to stay and deal with her b.s.
In life we have to make choices, and this comes with the territory of growing older and wiser. It is what it is.

But never take for granted your choices, and their consequences. We are a result of many thoughts, choices, decisions, and our surroundings.

Never settle in fear. Because fear isn’t going to produce knowledge, integrity, and power. None of us are meant to be controlled by fear, and we have to sit on fear.

It may seem like fear rides our coat tail nationwide, but we are in charge of our individual perspective and reactions. Let’s keep living with power, love, and a sound mind. Living intentional lives‚̧

BTW: Sorry I am posting SuperSoulSunday at midnight. As I said I am in a period of transition currently.