Question Column 13th Edition

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Welcome to Question Column 13tb Edition! We have made it to this moment in this time.

Mission Statement : MR is designing a question column because we truly believe questions are the gateway to knowledge and wisdom. We are encouraging our supporters and the people in societies to seek information that can bring about positive change, individual growth, and community growth.

What’s the deal: As of now MR will answer a question every month- that we have all asked at least once in our life, or will ask eventually. We desire for the questions to be asked by the people, but we don’t have a problem creating them. To send in a question please email the question to MentorshipRevolution or leave it as a comment on this website. Enjoy reading this month’s column!

In this specific edition of the Question Column I want to dedicate this to college students past, present, and future.

Lord knows what we have to endure mentally, physically, and psychologically to pursue our education and dreams of being successful in the future. College will be one of your biggest faith moves and investment. Proceed cautiously.

I will be honest: For some of us fresh faced and just out of high school we start on very shaky ground in the beginning. We are less experienced and haven’t been groomed as much because of our youth.

Which is awesome. We hopefully have a long life ahead of us, and a lot of impact to make as we strive to live life in love and freedom.

Question: What should I know about the college experience and what should I expect before I start?

Answer: Wheeesh! This is a very smart question you are asking, but it is a great one to inquire.

In anything we have not experienced yet we often view it as being more grandeur than it really is. We live life constantly waiting for the day we can walk away from sadness, struggle, pain, and toil. The truth is these 4 never really end, but our response and ability to withstand enhances.

I am in my second year of University, and it has been a joyful ride but also a bumpy one also. Since this is my first year having a roommate ( I didn’t my first year) I am being challenged to accommodate more and gain more self control on toleration, allowance, and coexisting with someone else.

That leads to #1. Be prepared to have a roommate that may not be the type of roommate you prefer. Come to college with an attitude that is prepared to deal with other people on a very personal level. Especially my introverts! Don’t allow anyone or anything to distract you from focusing on and accomplishing your goals and purpose. College is the start of something new, plain as that.

That leads to #2. Everything is now about personal choices and decisions. Other people recognize you are 18 and older, so no one is accountable for your education or the responsibilities you have at this time. If you are blessed to be in a more fortunate situation- good for you. But in college you are expected to hold yourself down at all times. Chuck up your chin.

That leads to #3. Don’t drop out if you are a Jr./Sr. I honestly advise that everyone consider college, but I realize everyone isn’t meant to be a college student. If you apply to a college/ university and get accepted and everything is arranged- take the opportunity. Once you get in college though be aware it will be tortuous academics. But you can adapt, and decide how to ride the waves and whether they are worth riding.

Giving up isn’t an option!

That leads to #4. Don’t go to college and choose to remain in a box that isn’t helping you grow and expand. My honest opinion is that in college you should not only choose to take required courses, but you should also be involved and thinking/planning for life after college & career. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, but you must do it.

That leads to #5. Enjoy your time in college, and don’t look back. You have made it this far, and that is for a reason. Take advantage of all the resources available, and map out your next call to action. Allow God to nurture you and raise you, let him be your ultimate peace. Allow God to mold you into an amazing person and incredible human being.

This is the end of MentorshipRevolution Question Column 13th Edition. I hope you enjoyed this piece, and I answered the question thoroughly in a timely manner. I decided to dedicate this column to college students, because I myself am in the college process at this time in my life. It has been breathtaking, but revealing. Keep going my fellow peers, and we are climbing the ladder to success. Some of us are breaking the odds and making history.

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The end.