MentorshipRevolution Monthly Newsletter 16th Edition📢


Welcome to MentorshipRevolution Monthly Newsletter 16th Edition🎉🎉🎉

I am starting the writing of this newsletter on SuperSoulSunday. Isn’t that a pretty nice observation?

God knows my life has been uphill and downhill lately ( a seesaw image come to mind).

But I have also been heavily inspired and challenged to overcome obstacles that can’t overcome me. Never.

Maybe I will make that the theme of discussion for this newsletter: Overcoming Obstacles.

Where do I begin as I begin from start to finish all that MentorshipRevolution is doing right now as a business, organization, and community?


Yes! This is a big deal right now for each and every one of us. This website is almost at 3,000 views and that calls for recognition and celebration for all that has been involved. If you actually visit the website on a regular basis you should know we are counting down to MR3000. Once we hit that we will be having an exclusive giveaway. Keep reading to find out more about the giveaway. To help us reach that 3,000 simply spread the word and share us all over the net.
On Oct 29, 2019 we finally reached MR3k! After a month of creating this campaign, and promoting it and telling the rest of the world- the goal has been reached. Let’s talk goals. That will be the theme for this month’s newsletter.

The Giveaway has now started as of Oct 29, 2019 and I hope you decide to enter. There are 7 simple things you must do on the internet for you to enter. Only 1 entry per person, and there will only be 1 winner. That is why I encourage you to enter as soon as possible, because the sooner you enter the Giveaway the greater your chances of winning a $25 gift card. Gift card options are Barnes & Noble, Chick-fil-A, Amazon, Biglots, Starbucks, and Olive Garden. Get to entering!
Here is the link to all the Giveaway details:

Vision Board Course

In August of this year I announced I was inspired to start a vision board course on this very platform. Which I have, and I have provided all the necessary information for that on the site. For you to gain full membership access to the vision board course you must pay $5.99 a month.

Honestly I am still working on it mostly in the background and I will continue to release course material on this main website. Gear up, and get excited! This vision board course will reignite vision and be a creative and critical space for those with a vision or desire to discover vision. Please join us as we pursue this journey full of hope and vision.

What you must know that is very important:
These are the platforms all participating in the vision board course will use
– Main website:
– Teachable
Which I am using and working on to help create the course best as possible
– Facebook private community chat
You must send a request to be able to access and utilize the chat room
– The MR Podcast
I will likely go live for the first time on the podcast and i will use the podcast as we are conducting the course
– YouTube
I have a YouTube channel and I will post videos in relation to the vision board course as frequently as I can.
– Email
Please make sure you have our email and have joined the email list.
Our email is

Affirmation Series Part 10: Trust in Yourself & the process

It has been a year since the Affirmation Process was started, and I am elated at how far we have come & the difference we have been able to make.

As the visionary behind everything that MR does I think my story is important and that my story matters. I started practicing and utilizing affirmations at the age of 16 years old, which it is funny that very recently I posted a video of a 5-6 year old little boy saying affirmations.

Affirmations are a powerful and effective tool combined with action. There isn’t one law or one way to bringing about change, but there is a formula that says preparation + opportunity= success.

I promise you that your life will improve if you start making affirmations a daily habit. And I am not perfect myself in repeating affirmations daily, but I do implement the use of affirmations overall.

Right now we are on Part 10: Trust in Yourself & The Process, and I decided to make a continuation. Which I may continue the continuation! Lol. Because the conversation and affirmations on trust still needs to be put in the forefront.

Join us in the Affirmation series for $10. This is access for November and December’s content, materials, and resources. You can’t lose on investing in yourself, period.

The MR Podcast🎤

The MR Podcast has been soaring, and we haven’t even been around for a year yet. Since June we have been on all the major platforms for radio and podcasts such as Spotify, Iheartradio, Google Podcasts, Castbox, and Podcast Addicts.

There is no stopping me as I continue to envision how I can bring my radio show forth, and allow it to be a balm of healing and positivity for all those who choose to tune in and support this platform.

I have in mind this amazing series I want to start very soon, but of course I am already overcommitted, right? Anyways, make sure you are following The MR Podcast right now and tuning in for every episode. Starting Now!

Here is the link to following the podcast:

Mentorship Program

Have you felt that you might need someone to talk to, confide in, or seek confidential advice?

MentorshipRevolution has this wonderful mentor program in which you can find the mentor you have been seeking. We don’t make things complicated, and we welcome everyone to reach out and embrace our services.

Even better your first mentor session can be free of charge! That is a free 30 minute mentor session. Just let us know what you are in need of and what you are looking for. How are you trying to improve, grow, plan, create goals, and execute? Email us at to plan your free appointment now!

Facebook Page & Instagram

MentorshipRevolution is trying to widen our social media presence, because that is where the people can be found. Visit our home page on this website and you will see the link to our Facebook page. Please follow the Facebook page, and you will always remain updated on all things MR and the benefits.

Both our Facebook and Instagram pages are growing, but we still have even further limits to break. MR is on Instagram at the name of @mentorshiprevolution101. Please follow our page, and you can smile everytime we show up on your news feed!

Seriously, please follow all of our social media platforms. Social media is the main platform that allows us to spread word and awareness of MentorshipRevolution in the U.S.A and globally worldwide.

Join the Share MentorshipRevolution Challenge, and represent us well. Share a post, talk about us, recommend us, and most importantly connect with us so you can be feautured on the website.

I want to take this moment to recognize all those worldwide who are seeking out and supporting MentorshipRevolution. Whether that is through the website or the positive impact we are able to have on your mind and lives. We love you❤

Weekly Challenge (s)

Do you like a good challenge every now and then? I bet you do, because we do too! This is another reason why I think you should join this platform and become a member of this community. I am constantly offering services/products that can benefit and bless the lives of others.

I had to pause the weekly challenge for a while because my life has been busy beyond understanding. But on this platform I enjoy creating weekly challenges that inspire, inform, and help others build. Make sure you subscribe to this website so you can receive the weekly challenges straight to your email inbox!

Let’s Discuss: New Year Eve Goals

I hear the bells ringing 🔔 Tomorrow we start another whole month, by the name of November. How do you feel about that? Maybe you have mixed feelings.

Personally, I am transitioning. Which isn’t always comfortable, but it is very necessary to embrace. I must embrace my transitions and the challenges and all the major blessings.

I have realized after being on my own for over a year now that God’s greatest blessings require a test in order for us to truly appreciate the blessings he has given us. Between all these college courses, jobs, investment, financial handling, relationships, and running my own business I have been battling to remain stable, balanced, and overly enthusiastic/positive.

This is very pure honesty, but I do not believe in lying about the process. You should check out the entire affirmation series I created on trusting the process.

Now we are entering into November, and what can we look forward to in November? I can say- a whole lot! We are now in Fall season since September, and the leaves have changed, fallen, and the season has morphed.

I am entering a new season, and you are to. What are you new years Eve goals? It is all up to you . How can you improve and take charge of your life and see it gain greater meaning?
What do you need to release and let go of so you can focus all of your mind and heart on your vision and happiness?
We need to start thinking about New Years Eve goals. 2020 is ours to take and ours to make great.

The End

I am so happy to release MR’s Monthly Newsletter 16th Edition. It has been a long time coming, and I am so happy to be where I am with MentorshipRevolution. If you aren’t apart of us, I ask you why? We are on a mission to help sustain minds and lives in the U.S.A and globally worldwide. We were est. In 2018 by a Gen Z member who knows that this is the kind of work God has called her to do.

Have you met me yet? I am Hannah Lassiter, and the founder of MentorshipRevolution: