The Giveaway will open any minute Now ( Get ready to enter!)

Hello, and good evening

I have a few minutes to deliver some important news..

As you all know we are bursting headfirst into the MR3k. Exciting, huh🎉 That said the Giveaway will start any day now, and I am just as excited as you are.

If you actually read the Giveaway details I announced here and everywhere else a week or so ago you would know there are 2 main options for giveaway prizes: 1 being a gift card and 2 being a Halloween Bash ( snacks, drinks, candy, etc).

Well, unfortunately because MR3k didn’t happen sooner than now I will be slimming down the gift option to only giftcards. Logic says there wouldn’t be a need to try help anyone host a Halloween party or bash at the last minute. Being Halloween is only 3 days from now..

So, still be ready to enter this exclusive giveaway MR is hosting any minute now! Just by doing 7 things on the internet ( no cost involved) you could win a giftcard to your favorite place worth $25.

There are 6 options for the giftcard prize

1. Barnes & Nobles

2. Chick fil a

3. Olive Garden

4. Amazon

5. Big lots

6. Starbucks

I am going to need every college student to come through and get this free gift card that is being offered to you, heck even high school students should all enter.

Remember there will only be 1 lucky winner!


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