Morning Message🔥

Good morning.

I hope your week is off to a nice start. Today I have to present a presentation on depersonalization in my abnormal psychology class. Send positive thoughts my way.

You know how it is when you are antsy to get something over with, that is the feeling I will have until this class presentation is over. There is nothing like presenting a difficult subject before your peers.

Anyway, right now is time for a thoughtful morning message!

Today’s Morning Message: The fear of change or fearing what is different.

Come on. I know you have been in this position before, or believe me you will later down the line.
I have observed that some of us are more fearful of change or what is different than others.

This is due to societal factors, environmental factors, personality, and preference.

But one thing we all must have in common is the ability to adapt to change, which is adaptability.

And again, some of us adapt quicker and more sufficient than others. It doesn’t make us better, but being able to adapt is beneficial to being able to thrive in life.

There, it was just said: being able to adapt is beneficial to being able to thrive in life.

I know most people would prefer to thrive, and I am one of those people in thst category.

What is the hardest lesson I have learned about change and accepting differences and diversity?

1. Change is not controlled as much as it is adaptable.

2. Change is not bad, but change must be embraced and understood.

3. Change is part of the natural cycle, which means we are not meant to stay the same.

4. Accepting people for who they are allows you to love them better and even more you can love them for who they are NOW.

5.  Accepting people for who they are is opportunity for you to improve in your kindness and appreciation for all human beings, especially those you encounter along the journey.

I just gave you 5 nice things I have learned personally about embracing change and what is different.

I hope you have a great day❤


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