The most inspiring video ever😊

Happy SuperSoulSunday!

I hope your Sunday is super soulful and enriched, because we are still powerful in this moment and we can expect tomorrow to begin another week of grind and practice.

On Sunday’s I do my famous SuperSoulSunday message, which is going to be published right after this post. You don’t want to miss it, and I advise you to subscribe to this website because soon the SuperSoulSunday’s will be made private ( and will only be available to those with a special password).

But since I want to start creating podcast episodes around SuperSoulSunday you can always still listen there also.

There is this video that has been going viral on the internet, and it is actually noteworthy and noble.

This little African American boy who must only be between ages 4-6 is walking to school with his backpack on his back and he is repeating affirmations that will spark the flame in his new day at school.

Can you believe someone has taught a little child what many adults still have never been fortunate to learn and habituate? I know for sure this little boy was taught to say positive affirmations, because children are taught, molded, directed, and disciplined.

I think this video of the little boy repeating positive affirmations can be very inspiring to all of us, because we can practice and incorporate affirmations in our life. There is no excuses.

By the way MentorshipRevolution has its very own affirmation series that reinforces the power and effectiveness in using affirmations on a continual basis in your life.

You can start now. If this is your first time hearing about such a tool of positive reinforcement and mental shaping.

I invite you to join our affirmation series NOW! For over a year the affirmation series and all its features was completely free of charge, but now that has changed for very good reason.

It will only cost you $11 if you decide you want to join the affirmation series in October and gain full access to all content and benefits for the rest of 2019.

I believe this is a worthy investment on your part, and it is nearly impossible to find other places on the internet that offer such advantage at affordable cost.

Here is the link to the video that shows the little boy saying his daily affirmations:

Stay blessed.


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