SuperSoulSunday Message❤

Hello. Happy SuperSoulSunday!

Today is the day of refreshment, resurrection, and regeneration. I will be glad in it. Glory to the Lord.

On this SuperSoulSunday we will talk walking the narrow path ( versus the broad path).

Title of Today’s SuperSoulSunday Message: Walking the narrow path

There are two options when choosing the course our life will take.

We can walk the broad path or we can walk and travel the narrow path. Both are what they sound like, literally.

I have learned from living first-hand that those who walk the narrow path are special. We are special because we don’t take the easy way or the popular way.

There is a saying that says if you will die for nothing then you have nothing to live for. Which I find to be pure gold in its meaning.

I do believe we have to become wise before we understand the value in standing on solid/core religion, beliefs, and values. Children are not quite ready to bear this kind of work, which they shouldn’t have to.

On this SuperSoulSunday walk the path that God has destined you to. All of us are traveling different and unique paths that are still just as much alike in there purpose.

That purpose: is to find value and meaning in growing. Period.

Keep walking the path that sets your soul on fire and don’t back down no matter what dilemmas show up to distract you.

Forge your own path but don’t forget that you are not alone as you travel life’s journey. Come alongside and gain strength and endurance


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